Dancer arrested after calling 911 multiple times to complain about officer touching her

Sabrina Armanini, 32, faces 5 counts of misuse of 911

Sabrina Armanini was arrested in Key West on five counts of misuse of 911.
Sabrina Armanini was arrested in Key West on five counts of misuse of 911.

KEY WEST, Fla. – A Miami dancer was arrested Sunday in Key West after she called 911 five times to complain about being touched by a police officer who was escorting her out of a bar, police said.

Sabrina Armanini, 32, faces five counts of misuse of 911.

Key West police said Officer Jeremey Tellier was investigating a possible battery on the sidewalk outside Rick's Bar on Duval Street when he was flagged down by security about two women who refused to leave.

According to an incident report, a bouncer told police that Armanini and another woman had been at the upstairs bar and were asked to leave because of their behavior, but they refused and began slapping the bouncers. One of the bouncers said he had to carry the other woman down the stairs on his shoulder.

"Both women were heavily intoxicated, stumbling around," Tellier wrote in the report.

Tellier said the woman tried to re-enter the bar after it had been closed for 10 minutes, and Armanini was arguing with security at the bar when he intervened.

"I asked her to leave the property while gently grabbing her left arm while pointing at the exit," Tellier wrote.

Armanini tried to pull away from the officer, so he grabbed her arm, put it behind her back and pushed her up against a wall "as to not get kicked," Tellier wrote.

Tellier told her it was time to go, and he let go of her after she relaxed her body. Security then escorted her outside.

Armanini complained to another officer about Tellier touching her and asked to speak with a supervisor, the report said.

Even though a supervisor was on the way, Armanini was calling 911 and continued to refuse to leave the property, Tellier wrote.

"A few minutes later dispatch notified me that Armanini was still calling 911 (5 times) to complain about being touched," Tellier wrote.

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