Battling a neighborhood eyesore

HOUSTON – Residents of a northwest Houston neighborhood are hoping the city will act quickly in dealing with a vacant house that is becoming overrun with weeds and trash. The house is located in the Candlelight Oaks subdivision.

“The weeds are growing into my yard,” said Bill Arendal.

Arendal's frustration has grown over the last several months as the ever growing weeds and piles of trash remain at the house next to his home. Stagnant water in the home’s pool has also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. New locks were seen on the home’s front door, but a back door was wide open to the elements.

“I said, 'What's being done about this?'” said Arendal.

That was the question Arendal put to the city on several occasions. When KPRC visited the property, we saw two violation notices posted on a tree in front of the house. City inspectors cited the property in May for its pool and again in June for weeds and trash.

“Signs aren't going to help, we've got to have action,” said Arendal.

Concern is also growing among other residents who live near the home.

“Obviously it's an eyesore we're dealing with,” said Guy Bender. “That can be a little problematic and I've got little kids.”

Bender said he noticed the home has been in varying states of disrepair since he moved in to the neighborhood a year ago.

“I would have imagined whoever it went to was going to clean it up and sell it, because this neighborhood is a pretty hot commodity,” said Bender.

Harris County property records show the home is owned by the estate of a man who passed away in 2015. However, signs posted on the front door read the home is either “vacant or abandoned” and was in the care of a third-party company under contract with the bank. The sign instructs the reader to call the company if the property is need of maintenance.

KPRC called the number listed for the company and left a message with an after-hours service.  Officials with the city of Houston told KPRC the property has a record of problems going back to 2015. City officials said they would research the status of the property and give us an answer on Wednesday as to what will be done to clean up the mess.