Astros honor HPD helicopter crew members who helped arrest chase suspect

HOUSTON – Friday night at Minute Maid Park, all eyes were on the newest hometown heroes.

Houston Police Department pilot Jeff Serpas and tactical flight officer Steven Borgstedte were honored at the Astros game. They were given special bats and even got a pat on the back from 'Stros mascot Orbit.

Serpas and Borgstedte helped apprehend a burglary suspect during a chase earlier this week.They landed their helicopter while Henriearl Hill was running away from officers, the Borgstedte, in helmet and full gear, ran Hill down and tackled him until more officers arrived to arrest Hill.

Borgstedte said he doesn't feel like a hero. He says he was just doing his job.

"I think it was a regular day thing. Fortunately there was a camera there that caught the moment. But it was just police work," he said. "And I had a very good pilot that put me in a situation, put me in a place we needed to be, very safely. We had a bad guy that we needed to put into custody and that's what we did."

He also said the only thing that was going through his mind during the chase was catching the suspect and bringing him to justice.

The other man arrested in the case is 19-year-old Joshua Clark. He pleaded guilty to evading arrest.