Simonton residents forced to wait for permits to make flood repairs

SIMONTON, Texas – Many residents in the city of Simonton are still out of their homes, more than a month after the Memorial Day weekend flood.

Jeffrey Parker says there were about 18 inches of water inside his house. He ripped out a lot of the Sheetrock, but says he hasn’t been able to make any substantial repairs because the city is implementing all sorts of regulations.

Parker says the city is requiring residents to have a permit to make any sort of repairs, something it has never done in the past.

His family has been staying at a family friend’s home for the past month because they don’t want to breathe in the mold.

According to Simonton Mayor Louis Boudreaux, the city has never had a flood of this magnitude before. Therefore, it is required to follow all Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines when it comes to home repairs. He says the city is requiring permits for all remodeling and construction. Noncompliance to those requirements could result in denial of participation in the Flood Insurance Rate Map program for all residents.

Residents can apply for permits on the city of Simonton’s website by clicking on this link.