Pregnant Wendy's manager beaten

Mother says daughter was attacked over straws and ketchup

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Angry customers dragged a pregnant Wendy's manager through the drive-thru window and beat her in the parking lot Monday afternoon.

The customers demanded more ketchup and straws with their order before beating the 19-year-old Victoria Repine.

Three-months pregnant, Repine was sent to the emergency room with multiple injuries.

Heather Salcedo, the victim's mother explains, "She opened the window to ask her 'Can I help you?' She said 'You didn't give us any f'n straws."

Salcedo said the customers dragged her daughter from the drive-thru window out to the parking lot. She said Repine was kicked and punched several times.

The beating landed her in critical condition in the hospital.

"She has two black eyes," Salcedo said. "She has cuts and scrapes on her arm and her knees. She also has bruising."

Police are searching for the people responsible.

Salcedo said she expects her daughter and her baby to make a full recovery.

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