Conroe family wants answers for recent flood issues

CONROE – For Clint Goodnight and his 73-year-old mother, Alta, walking through the family's home nowadays is a tough task.

All the carpet has been ripped out, the walls were partially gutted and lots of cleaning -- all because of flooding.

"It's frustrating to see she has to do that. She should be spending time with her grandkids and doing whatever retired 73-year-old women do," Clint said.

The water was pouring down the family's driveway nearly a month ago during the recent Memorial Day rain and major flooding.

The trouble is, it's never been this bad before, nor has it been in the house.

"We know this shouldn't have happened. And we just want to know who's going to be held accountable for it," Clint said.

The family believes the problem is the direct result of a new apartment development behind the neighborhood.

While they heard from city developers a retention pond would be put in, Clint says it appears to have since been filled and only retention walls went up.

"You know they started putting up a retaining wall back here and we started crossing our fingers that someone were doing the right thing," Clint said.

The family says they've reached out to the city several times about the matter and to get some answers, but so far they have yet to hear back.

"We need someone to tell us what the plans are or if there have been any plans to address this issue," Clint said.

Making matters worse, Alta has since had to move out over worries about possible mold and as costly repairs get underway.

"We want to know why nobody helped us and we want someone to step and say this shouldn't have happened," Clint said.

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