As Seen on TV Tuesday: Roll-A-Lotion reveals nasty surprise

We know it's important to apply sunscreen to protect your skin, but sometimes it's difficult to reach every spot you want to cover.

That's why there is a market for Roll-A-Lotion. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing it for this As Seen On TV Tuesday.

Roll-A-Lotion claims it can apply any type of liquid or gel smoothly in the hardest to reach places, including soap, lotion, sunscreen or aloe vera, if you forget the sunscreen.

Nina Lapshina agreed to try the product with sunscreen. She noticed that you have to almost fill the whole dispenser with lotion to get any to come out. Unless she puts the unused portion back into her sunscreen bottle afterward, she would be wasting a lot of sunscreen.

Lapshina said the sunscreen did not apply evenly.  You could see the lotion thicker in some spots than others.

"I feel like after you use this thing, you're gonna need somebody to rub it in," Lapshina said.

She said the 19 roller applicators felt nice on her back, like a mini massage, but for the product's main claim of applying lotion evenly, she gave it a three out of a possible 10.

An even bigger fail than the product itself is what she found when she opened the package, which was bought at Frye's.

"Eww! It actually has something inside already," she said, noticing dried, brown goop on the inside of the Roll-A-Lotion dispenser and on the roller balls. She cleaned it off, but there was no sanitizing her review of this product.

Would she buy it for $10?

"No, absolutely not," Lapshina said.