VIDEO: Violent hit-and-run crash; driver leaves scene

HOUSTON – A woman caught on camera driving dangerously on a busy highway.

Vanessa Gonzalez was with her fiancé when she witnessed a woman swerving on I-10. She called police and started recording.

A few minutes later, the SUV crashed into the back of another car, causing a multi-vehicle accident. The SUV driver kept going.

So Gonzalez followed the driver, while talking with police.

It ended in Fulshear, where police questioned her.

"My first reaction was, we need to call the cops. They need to stop her because she's going to hurt somebody," Gonzalez said. "It wasn't a matter of she might hurt somebody, it was a matter of when is she going to hurt somebody because she's going to."

The female SUV driver was ticketed for not stopping after the crash.