Neighbors say event venue's fireworks, music are too loud

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Several neighbors in the Champions area say the event venue “Chateau CocoMar” is disrupting their neighborhood with loud music, professional fireworks displays and other loud noises.

“My house is directly across street from the venue,” Sam Damico told Channel 2. “We had a fire works display at 2:45 a.m. Sunday one night in April. It was a wedding party for some athlete.”

He says while fireworks don’t happen every weekend, other times loud music comes from events.

“I can’t sleep at night and my bedroom is on the opposite side,” he said.

Leslie Millwee is a frustrated neighbor too.

“You can hear the windows rattle. The dogs start to howl. The cat goes crazy,” Millwee said. “I have a 2-year-old grandson who I can’t keep here on the weekend because it wakes him up and he cries.”

She showed Channel 2 reporter Jace Larson photos showing cars lining a street near the venue. Another photo showed beer bottles lying on the ground.

“Not only are we inundated with fireworks, but we have a lot of other issues: trash on the road, speeding, drunk drivers,” she said.

Chateau CocoMar said in a statement to Channel 2 that the early morning fireworks should not have happened.

“In April of this year, one event circumvented the rules of the facility and released fireworks between 2– 2:30 a.m. The vendor providing the fireworks was immediately dismissed and corrective action taken that rules will not be broken again,” the statement said. “Fireworks are allowed but must be released prior to 11 p.m. to respect our neighbors and are only allowed on weekends, with the exception of major holidays.”

The business also said it has worked with neighbors in the past.