23-year-old woman attacked by dogs while trying to help elderly man

HOUSTON – A woman is hospitalized after being attacked by a group of dogs while trying to do a good deed.

A warning: The pictures of her injuries are graphic.

The 23-year-old suffered nearly a dozen dog bites across her legs and had to get several stitches as a result.

The victims mom tells us her daughter was attacked by the dogs at a laundromat near West Road and Veteran’s Memorial ... after trying to help an elderly man get up after he had fallen.

That's when she says one his own dogs started to bite her daughter ... then 2 others, also possibly his that were nearby, came up and started attacking.

She says her daughter is now trying to recover, but in a great deal of pain after a terrifying experience.

Maria Lara, the victim's mother said, "She was hanging on from the wiper blades like this and the dogs were pulling her down. So she couldn't hold up no more on the windshield and that's why she said she was going to die because nobody could help her."

We're told they dogs were picked up by animal control and have been quarantined.

The mother says she's  tried to file a report with the sheriff's office, but hasn't been able to get anywhere with the process.

Her other concern now, besides her daughter healing ... who's going to help pay for the mounting medical bills.

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