'Rolex Robber' accused of targeting another man

Liliana Vanegas, 24, stole man's watches, wallet, jewelry, police say


MIAMI – A woman accused of targeting men for their expensive watches, primarily Rolexes, is facing more charges after a sixth man came forward this week to claim that she robbed him.

Miami police said Liliana Vanegas, 24, met the victim at a nightclub Feb. 21 and left with him to go to his apartment in Brickell.

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The victim told detectives that he caught Vanegas trying to go into his bedroom, but he stopped her and asked why she was trying to enter his room.

He said he later began to feel drowsy and fell asleep.

According to an arrest report, the victim woke up the next day at 4 p.m. and found his watches, wallet and jewelry missing.

The items Vanegas is accused of stealing include a $35,000 Rolex watch, a $13,000 Panerai watch, a $200 wallet, a $1,500 white gold chain, $800 Ray-Ban sunglasses, a cellphone and credit credits.

Police said the victim identified Vanegas in a photo lineup.

Vanegas is also accused of stealing from five other men in Miami and Miami Beach.

She remains jailed in Miami and faces a grand theft charge in the latest case. She has been in jail since March 28 and faces other charges including robbery, poisoning food or water and cocaine possession.

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