Street debris from flood preventing mail from being delivered in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – For nearly the past two weeks, Becky Rider’s street in Montgomery County has looked more like a large dumpster than a street.

After heavy rain on May 27 flooded several homes on S. Wiggins Street, Rider and her neighbors began clearing out their damaged furniture and placing it at the curb.

“I’ve lived here over 20 years and never seen anything like this,” Rider said.

Now, trash bags and moldy furniture line the street.

“It stinks out here,” she said. “It really smells and I just kept thinking ‘Oh my God, please hurry!’”

She says the street is so crowded, she got a letter from the United States Postal Service that said they can’t deliver the mail.

“They sent a letter saying they couldn’t get down the street, so we have to go to Magnolia now to pick up our mail.”

County officials tell Channel 2 News that crews are still picking up debris from the Tax Day Flood, but they are set to start clearing curbs with debris from the Memorial Day weekend rain on June 9. Officials said S. Wiggins Street should get cleaned up over the next few days.