Woman finds bike covered in bees

Chicago-area beekeepers removed an estimated 7,000 bees

Mary Lammert Khoury/Twitter
Mary Lammert Khoury/Twitter

CHICAGO – If anything could keep a bike thief away, it's a swarm of bees.

Thousands of bees covered part of a bicycle and pole, drawing a big crowd on Madison Street in Chicago Monday afternoon.

"There was like a big, massive cloud of them, and they just shifted over onto a pole where a bike was at," witness Joshua Kelly told NBC Chicago.

The owner of the bike posted the photo on Facebook, writing that the queen bee must have chosen her bike to start a hive.

"It's kind of magical. I'm considering it a very positive omen," Sarah Lorraine Bradley wrote.

Professional beekeepers were called out to remove the estimated 7,000 bees from the bike and pole.