Flooded Meyerland residents voice concern over use of federal funds

HOUSTON – Hundreds of frustrated residents affected by flooding in the Meyerland area packed a town hall meeting Monday hosted by Congressman John Culberson.

Homeowners pressed Culberson, who represents the 7th Congressional District, on the use of federal flood control monies.

"My job is to make sure the Army Corps of Engineers and Harris County Flood Control District have all the funding they need and I've done that," Culberson said.

But the crowd wasn't convinced.

"The congressman throws money at (the) city and county and (they) do not use (the) money to help people," said Braes Heights homeowner Julie Deering, whose home flooded during Tropical Storm Allison, the Memorial Day and Tax Day floods.

Culberson told the audience if they weren't happy with the way the federal funding was being used they need to talk to Houston City Council members and Harris County commissioners.

But some residents said they felt Culberson could do more to make sure the funds were being handled properly.

"Quite frankly that's (expletive). The person that's issuing dollars at (the) end of (the) day puts in terms and conditions," said resident Len Swanson.

Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives also attended the meeting to answer questions from homeowners. Many hoping the government will buy the out since they can't sell their homes.

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