Open house turns into robbery for Cinco Ranch homeowner

CINCO RANCH, Texas – When Mark Manty opened his Cinco Ranch home to prospective buyers, it would cost him in a way he would have never imagined.

“We have open houses. We've been having them for the past several weeks,” Manty said.

Sunday afternoon, just before 4, two men accompanied by a child walked in to see the house, acting as interested buyers.

At one point, one of the men starts taking pictures of the home’s interior with his camera phone. Manty’s security camera captured it all. It automatically records anytime it detects movement.

“It seemed like they were trying to push our realtor outside, or away from the area they wanted to go look at,” Manty said.

Manty said the man with the young boy distracted the realtor by asking her questions about the neighborhood. He believes it was so the other guy could sneak into the master bedroom closet and pilfer through the safe.

“Since this (the safe) was not locked, all they did was open (it) up, reached their hand in and fished around for what they could find,” Manty said.

He said the thief pocketed their wedding rings.

“The way we found it, these documents here were sticking out,” Manty said.

He immediately called the police.

”I was upset. It's just sad that somebody would decide to come into an open house and use that as a way to rob people,” Manty said.

He’s been sharing the video on social media, hoping someone recognizes the pair or the child.

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