Couple accused of trying to sell baby

A West Virginia mother is facing charges after police say she tried to sell her 3-month-old baby.

Carolyn Redden said the child's mother and the mother's boyfriend came to her home trying to sell the baby to her.

"He said, 'well, $1,000," Redden told reporters. "I said I can't just buy no baby. Then they came back the next day and wanted me to babysit it."

She said the couple dropped the child off with one soiled diaper and a bottle of spoiled milk. "She was just shaking and jerking and clenching her fists and crying and screaming."

Redden called 911 because the baby was very sick and had a bad diaper rash.

Sheriff's deputies were able to track the couple down and arrested them for child neglect.

"I don't care what race- what ethnicity- what gender," said Detective Tom Sizemore.  "These are children and they are innocent. We will protect them. We will do whatever it takes to protect those children."

The baby is currently with Child Protective Services.

Detective said the child's biological father had nothing to do with the attempted sale. He was trying to track down the mother and little girl.

Child Protective Services will decide whether the baby will go back to her father.