Flooding forces widespread evacuations in Brazoria County


ROSHARON, Texas – As the rain came down over parts of Rosharon, rescue crews loaded up and headed out to make passes through their community under a mandatory evacuation.

"This morning there was no water at all and now it's up to my knees wherever I walk in the yard,” resident Robert Mills said.

Mills and his family barley made it out of the affected area, which was under several feet of water Thursday night.

They were hoping to tough it out initially, but all that quickly changed.

Mills said, "We're bugging out. We got about 9 inches before it goes into the house. And I don't want to take that chance. I'd rather not be there."

Still, there were a few others choosing to stay.

Pumps have been going nonstop outside Kurt Quinn's home for hours as he tries to keep the water from coming in.

“The rain is definitely a nuisance, my yard floods when it rains and so now I've got double the hassle to get this water out of here," Quinn said.

With nightfall, came the uncertainty of just how bad things will actually get in Rosharon.

However, many said they'll be okay despite the major flooding.

"It’s part of living out here. It devastating. But we're going to be all right. We can recover," said Mills.

Brazoria County residents living in the Oyster Creek area are under mandatory evacuation, officials announced Thursday afternoon. This is not the city of Oyster Creek, but the stream of water itself.

The evacuation includes the area west of Oyster Creek to east of the Brazos River on FM 1462, officials said.

All roads off FM 1462 between Oyster Creek and Brazos River are also under mandatory evacuation orders.  

Friday the evacuation was was extended to to residents North of County Road 30S.

Governor Gregg Abbott  took an aerial tour Friday of the Brazoria County area. After the tour, he, along with officials from Brazoria and Fort Bend counties spoke on the state’s response to the ongoing severe weather.

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