911 call released in Houston Zoo parking lot fight

HOUSTON – A woman searching for a parking space at the Houston Zoo sat in her vehicle petrified as a group of visitors — including a woman pushing a stroller — broke out into a brawl over an empty parking spot.

The audio from the 911 call that alerted local law enforcement about the fight was released Thursday. 

"It's ridiculous and they're out here talking all crazy,” said a 911 caller reporting a fight in front of the Houston Zoo in April 

The caller said, "These people have done it to me already.  One has already gotten out of her car and took off. And she's parked right next to me. And now there's another lady because she's doing it to somebody else. There's gonna be a fight out here."

Not even the woman shooting the video could believe it. 

"They're all fighting over a parking spot at the zoo,” said Linda Padilla. 

Padilla gathered the images as she patiently waited in line for a parking spot. Then she said someone did not want to wait in line. At the time, she said the people in the parking lot acted more like animals than the creatures inside the zoo. 

Padilla said, "I think I saw more action out in the parking lot than the animals, the animals were just chilling."

Before long, more people jumped in on the action — including a woman pushing a stroller.

Eventually, the family in the SUV gave up and left.  The caller was in disbelief. 

She said, "There's literally people fighting here for these spots. We're at the zoo."