National Guard helps with rescues in Richmond neighborhood

RICHMOND, Texas – Water at the entrance to the River's Edge neighborhood is 6 1/2 feet deep in some parts.

Residents said it started rising early Wednesday morning and hasn't stopped.

Darrel Murphy made the decision to evacuate when the water started coming into his home.

"It hasn't stopped rising at all," Murphy said. "Right now, it's probably about an inch, but it's coming up so fast. We were dry until this morning, and then it started around 6."

Jan Stark and her 82-year-old mother made it out with some help.

"We're very thankful for the first responders," Stark said.

Stranded homeowners had no choice but to be rescued by boat.

The National Guard sent in military vehicles to bring people out one-by-one.

People packed their bags with important personal belongings and their four legged family members, too.

Some people are headed to area shelters, while others will stay with relatives.

Most don't know what they'll find when they are able to return home.