Commissioner warns Thompsons residents to leave town before upcoming storms

THOMPSONS, Texas – Fort Bend County Precinct One Commissioner Richard Morrison hopes residents heed his warning this time around on the potential for devastating flooding in the Thompsons area.

The flooding in Fort Bend County is the worst it has been since 1913.

“The Brazos River is higher than it's ever been in, certainly, in modern history or at least since the automobile was invented, " Morrison said.

Morrison is strongly urging people to get out before it's too late. Some families have already used boats to get out of town.

“It's better to save yourself and worry about your home later," Morrison said.

Some living in the Booth-Thompsons area feel because they’re on high ground, they're good.

“(Our dad) is going to have a little flood party,” Kelli Braunagel said. “I mean, they’ve got food and water. They’re hanging out.”

Braunagel has been helping to rescue stranded stallions in the area.

“We’re not going to sit around and let one of these horses drown,” Braunagel said.

Morrison said if you can pack up and leave for the weekend, do it. He said it’s not worth getting stuck in the flood.