Voluntary evacuations for residents living in Spring Creek

HOUSTONA mile-long stretch of Rayford Road was submerged in water Saturday during a voluntary evacuation in the Spring Creek area.

"You open up the door and the water just flooded the entire house," resident Phil Evans said.

Evans is one of many residents frustrated with the flood waters at the Farrington apartment complex. His family and several of his neighbors were evacuated from the neighborhood by boat.

"It's a voluntary evacuation as a precaution just in case there's a very small chance that something could go wrong," meteorologist Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood District said.

Residents who chose to leave their homes were bussed to shelters in the area, officials said.

Despite the murkiness of the water and the situation some people found themselves in, some people like Edward Marker, didn't let disaster stop them from lending a hand.

"Helping people is one of the top priorities,” Marker said. “If you don't help one another out, society isn't whole. It'll fall down. That's why you (have to) keep building."

Harris County officials issued an evacuation at Northwood Pines subdivision north of the Hardy Toll Road and The Park at Northgate apartments.

Residents were asked to leave their homes before 2 p.m Saturday. 

Emergency officials said the evacuations are precautionary measure in case of a levee breach or failure.

Meteorologists said they expected the water to rise another foot since Saturday morning.