Dramatic high water rescue in Conroe caught on video

Police say the woman drove arround the barricade into the high water

CONROE, Texas – Conroe police officers rescued a woman inside her car that was moments away from being submerged into high water at the 100 block of S. Frazier.

Police dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen who said they saw a vehicle in floodwaters. When the officers arrived, they found a car partly submerged in the high water with the driver trapped in her car. 

[Scroll down to watch the full video of the rescue on the KPRC 2 Facebook page]

The roadway was barricaded to prevent people from driving through the high water, but police said the woman drove around the barricade.

Officers S. Kunnemann, J. Moore and D. Markham got into the water to rescue the female driver. They could not get inside the vehicle, so Kunnemann warned the woman to cover her face and started to hit the window several times. 

The video shows the car quickly sinking as the water started to rise. 

WATER RESCUE. A viewer shared this video of a water rescue in Conroe. N. Frazier at McDade. Police rescue a woman from her submerged car. Officials say she drove past a barricade, something they urge drivers not to do.

Posted by KPRC2 Brandon Walker on Friday, May 27, 2016

The officers were eventually able to shatter the window and pull the woman out of the car. 

She was transported by ambulance to Conroe Regional Medical Center. Her condition is unknown.