Chase suspect gets away after shootout with police


HOUSTON – Police are looking for a driver who shot at two officers during a chase Friday in northeast Houston.

Investigators said the driver was pulled over by Houston police officers around 12:30 a.m. in the area of Maury and Collingsworth Road. When the officers approached the vehicle, the driver sped off.

During the short chase, the driver stopped and backed into the patrol car, police said. The driver then leaned out the window and started shooting at the officers. They returned fire.

No one was hit.

Investigators said after the exchange of gunfire, the driver took off again. With bullets holes in the windshield of the cruiser, the officers once again gave chase until the driver came to a stop about five blocks down the road. Police said the man jumped out of the car and got away.

Officers continued to search for the man but could not find him.