Woman knees male officer in groin during traffic stop in La Porte, police say

(Right to left) Kimberly Wright, 18,  and Cole Tannehill, 21.
(Right to left) Kimberly Wright, 18, and Cole Tannehill, 21.

LA PORTE, Texas – A man and woman were arrested on drug possession charges after the woman assaulted an officer during a traffic stop Monday in La Porte.

According to the La Porte Police Department the officer stopped Kimberly Wright, 18, and Cole Tennehill, 21, in the 10000 block of Spencer Highway. LPD officials said Wright and Tennehill both had outstanding arrest for their warrants.

Considering it inappropriate for a man to body search a female suspect, the officer requested the assistance of a policewoman, according to LPD officials.

During the pat-down, the policewoman said she noticed an odd shaped and textured object inside Wright’s clothing. In response, investigators said Wright started to physically resist, turning away from the policewoman and kneeing the other officer in the groin area.

A syringe and methamphetamines were later discovered on Wright’s person, LPD officials said.

Wright was charged to methamphetamine possession, police said.

Tennehill was charged with possession of a controlled substance.