Men pose as CenterPoint workers to gain entry for home invasion in NW Harris County

HOUSTON – The surveillance video shows the moment two men posing as CenterPoint workers approach a home in northwest Harris County and end up terrorizing a family in a home invasion.

The homeowner was still too frightened to do an interview but says the men stormed in after coming to the door and asking her husband if they were having a problem with their gas. That gave them enough time to pull out their guns and force the couple, their 1-year-old child, and the wife's mother into a bathtub as they harassed the family about money. Harris County Sheriff's investigators believe this robbery Monday morning in the Lone Oak Village neighborhood was the thieves' second in less than a week.

A young man who didn't want to reveal his identity was the robbers' first victim last Tuesday.

"I tried to close the door and that's when he put his foot in the door and stopped it," he says.

That robbery took place just 30 minutes from the other in the Bammel Trace subdivision. In both cases the armed crooks used force to get inside.  In both cases they pistol whipped their victims before stealing from them, and in both cases they disguised themselves as utility workers to gain entry.

"He came in and set me on the floor," recalls the first victim. "Had me in handcuffs while they searched the house."

From both homes the thieves got away with cash, jewelry, and electronics. They also stole the victims' peace of mind.

"This can't be real. This can't be," says the young man who was robbed. "It's got to be a joke or something."

If you have any information about the robberies or the thieves who committed them call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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