Man found to be directly involved with deaths of Adriana Coronado, father, police say


HOUSTON – Sheriffs executed a search warrant at the home of a man police called a person of interest in the brutal deaths of Katy teen Adriana Coronado and her father Cesar Coronado.

Police found Jose Solis Jr., 34, to be directly involved with the murders of Adriana and her father. Adriana was found shot to death after her father’s body was found burned inside a pickup truck in March.

Several guns, numerous phones, drug ledgers, and more than $1,020 in cash was found inside Solis’ home during the search, according to the search warrant affidavit. The items found led investigators to believe Solis was involvement in a major drug ring and the deaths of the teen and her father.

According to the affidavit, Adriana and her father were both killed with the same weapon, a 9mm firearm, they believe belonged to Solis. Investigators believe the two were murdered over 16 kilograms of cocaine. Solis believes Caesar stole $48,000 in cash that was seized by officials as Caesar made an alleged drug run from Laredo to Mexico in October. Police found the cash in the rear driver’s door of the vehicle Caesar was driving. He was not arrested at the time because officials said the amount of cash “did not meet the threshold for prosecution” the affidavit read.  

In the affidavit, a witness told investigators that Solis and Caesar were both higher level members of a drug trafficking organization and that Solis believed Caesar set up the seizure of the drugs and money.

Solis is also accused of using commercial buses to transport 16 kilograms of cocaine from Laredo to Houston. He's charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiring to distribute cocaine. He was arrested March 31 on a federal drug charge, which is not related to the teen's death or her father, Cesar Coronado. Investigators have not revealed how or why he may be connected to their deaths.

Another person of interest, Ramon Sanchez, is also  believed to be linked to the drug trafficking ring. A federal complaint states Solis and Sanchez worked for a drug trafficking organization and that DEA agents had Sanchez under surveillance since February.




A confidential source was approached by Sanchez about stealing a load of cocaine that was supposed to be transported by a third man via bus from Laredo to Houston, the complaint states. Sanchez allegedly asked the confidential source to follow the bus and steal the cocaine from the luggage compartment under the bus when it stopped in San Antonio.

Agents intercepted the bus and confiscated the cocaine.

According to the complaint, surveillance video shows Solis arrive at the bus station carrying a black suitcase allegedly containing the cocaine. He then can be seen with the suitcase walking to the cargo door of the bus, then walking away carrying nothing, the complaint states.

DEA agents questioned Sanchez in early March. The complaint states Sanchez said he would drive Solis from Laredo to Houston several times to transport cocaine, and that Solis would pay him.

At this point, it's unclear of Solis' connection to Coronado.

Raid on Solis' home

The Drug Enforcement Administration assisted officials from Montgomery and Walker counties in serving a warrant at a home in the 2900 block of Aberdeen Drive in Magnolia. 

"I went out our driveway, and the SWAT team was in our yard. I asked what was going on, and he just said he couldn't tell us," said a neighbor, Ashley Mudd. "My fiance drove down there, and he saw them like go in and out, and there was a tent set up for, I guess, investigators."

Authorities issued an Amber Alert for Adriana Coronado after her father's body was found in Walker County. Caesar Coronado had been shot multiple times. 

A gardener found the teen's decomposing body days later, and the medical examiner confirmed she had also been shot to death.

Coronado's grandmother told KPRC 2 that Adriana's Coronado's mother hardly eats anymore and is very ill since she she found out about her daughter and husband.

Those responsible for killing the father and daughter remain on the loose, and authorities released surveillance videos of possible suspects.

“In my life, I have never seen him or heard his name,” said Adriana Cavazos, the mother of Adriana Coronado and wife of Cesar Coronado. “Never in my life.”

She told KPRC 2 in an exclusive interview it’s frightening not knowing who killed your family or why.  

“I’m happy there’s finally a person of interest, some kind of lead that could lead to the capture of the people who did this,” she said.  

KPRC 2 also learned that police arrested another man in Laredo. Ramon Sanchez is currently in custody and is also being questioned about the two homicides.  

Cavazos and her family said they have never heard of him, either.

“I’m not satisfied,” she said. “It doesn’t console me; Nobody’s gonna bring my daughter back.”