Increase in cases of pets overdosing on drugs, veterinarians say

NBC News – A terrier named Bubba is making national headlines after his owner was arrested on drug charges in California and the dog tested positive for meth and heroin. But is Bubba's situation unique?

Veterinarians say they're seeing more cases of animal overdoses.

"They're limp. They don't move. You can see 'em breathing and stuff normal and their eyes are open, they're kind of able to look around but they can't do anything else," says All Animal Pet Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Dayton Williams.

Dr. Williams, who has been a vet for about 30 years, says he's never seen a case like Bubba's, where an animal has tested positive for meth or heroin, but he has treated several for marijuana.

"It's not any fun to see that because it's really difficult on them and can cause really severe problems," he says.

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