City of Houston inserts mobile permitting centers to flooded communities


HOUSTON – The city is doing what it can to help its flood victims.

A mobile permitting center will make its way around the city issuing permits for repair work over the next eight weeks.

The 41-foot-long command center will be staffed by representatives from the Floodplain ManagmentManagement Office and Building Code Enforcement Branch. The representatives will be on hand to answer questions and issue permits to repair or restore structures back to pre-flood condition.

The latest information on the location of the mobile service will be posted on several websites, including houstonrecovers.org and houstonpermittingcenter.org, as well as on social media sites for the Houston Permitting Center (Twitter: @COHPermits and Facebook: facebook.com/COHPermits). 

The locations for the week of May 9 through May 13 are as follows:

Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20th, 10 am - 7 pm:  White Oak Conference Center at the Inwood Forest Country Club, 7603 Antoine, Houston, Texas 77088

Monday, May 23rd through Friday, May 27th, 10 am - 7 pm:  Meyerland Community Improvement Association, 4999 W. Bellfort, Houston, Texas 77035

Frequently asked questions:

Where are the locations of the mobile permitting center?

Locations of the mobile permitting center will vary day to day.  The latest information on the location of the mobile service will be posted on several websites, including houstonrecovers.org, the www.houstonpermittingcenter.org, and the social media sites for the Houston Permitting Center:  Twitter: @COHPermits and Facebook.

What services are provided at the mobile permitting center?

The Floodplain Management Office services include:

•    Floodplain Development Permit for repairs from flood damage
•    Elevation grant applications (until the May 6 deadline)
•    General floodplain information

Building Code Enforcement services includes:

•    Minor repair permits
•    General building code enforcement information.

The mobile unit can only sell permits for repairing or restoring a structure back to its pre-flood condition. Plans that will increase the square footage of the home or constitute a remodel must be submitted through the traditional plan review process at the Houston Permitting Center, 1002 Washington Avenue, Houston.

How do residents check-in to receive services at the mobile permitting center?

A check-in station is located outside of the mobile center. During check-in, staff will perform an initial review to answer questions and ensure the information to be submitted is complete.

Payments via credit/debit card (Visa, Discover and MasterCard only) and electronic check can be completed via the online iPermits system. Physical payments will not be accepted (i.e. cash, written checks).

What should customers bring?

To receive a Floodplain Development Permit for repairs from flood damage, customers must bring their repair cost information, structure market valuation, and/or elevation certificate. For more details, click here.

For building permits, customers may need Building Permit Application (Form 1263) and either a Residential Repair Spec List (Form 1059) or Commercial Repair Check List (Form 1112). For faster service, it is advised to download these forms and fill them out prior to visiting the mobile permitting center.

To download the forms, click here. Blank forms will also be available at the mobile permitting center and assistance will be available.

Notary services will be available for forms that require a notarized signature. A government issued ID is required to have a form notarized.

For more information on flood recovery, visit HoustonRecovers.org. For questions, email houston.permittingcenter@houstontx.gov or call 832-394-9000.