Houston Newsmakers May 15: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on budget, flood issues, Uber & more

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Budget Challenge, Flood issues & More!

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is the only guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall. A number of topics were discussed including the latest impact of the Tax Day Floods. “It did point out that we need more assets,” he said. “We do need more high water vehicles and things of that nature and we’re doing an assessment of that right now but on balance, I thought the city’s response was terrific.“


“We will eliminate 54 vacant positions. No one is there. We’re just going to eliminate those positions permanently. We’ll lay off about 40 employees. We’ve reduced the 2017 budget in comparison to the 2016 budget by $82 million so we’ve made some cuts in departments.”


“I want them to stay. I think they provide a vital service. But we can’t have them stay at the expense of public safety. So finger printing is important. They are (Uber) currently in New York. They’re not telling the people in New York that unless you waive fingerprinting we are going to leave. They’re willing to work with New York and New York requires fingerprinting. Why should Houston be treated any differently.”


“Just because one has been accused doesn’t necessarily meant that one has been found guilty. And so I think the question is, even though HPD for example is recommending that the contract be terminated, I think the city council wants to make sure that whatever we do here won’t set a precedent for the next time”

Catching up with Mayor Sylvester Turner on this week’s special edition of Houston Newsmakers.

Also here this week: Houston Newsmakers Extra with U.S. Rep. Al Green (D) 9th Congressional District on the bill he and Congressman Gene Green are co-sponsoring to bring several hundred million dollars to Houston to fight flooding. Click here to watch the Houston Newsmakers Extra video.

Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall will be online only this week.

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