HFD honors heroes that saved man on Houston baseball field

Umpire makes right call that saves man's life


HOUSTON – Scott Sustor was just playing baseball when he fall on the field.

"All of a sudden I fell forward onto the ground," Sustor said. "I was actually collapsing from a heart attack."

The Houston Fire Department Friday honored the heroes who saved Sustor's life.

On April 5, he was playing baseball. He had pitched the first inning and walked back to the dugout when he collapsed. 

Players gathered around him and described a seizure.

Umpire Terence Brown approached the dugout just as someone said, “He is not breathing! Does anyone know CPR?”

Brown then jumped into action and started CPR. While he gave Sustor chest compressions, another bystander, David Hydorn, called 911.

Houston Fire Department EMTs arrived and took over CPR. They had to shock Susor multiple times to restart his heart. He was taken to the hospital and made a full recovery.

"It takes a village to resuscitate someone," Dr. David Persse, Medical Director for HFD said.

Brown, a college and high school coach, has been CPR certified for 18 years.

Sustor survived the attack, had bypass surgery within days, and in a rare meeting, returned to thank those who saved his life.

Sustor told the responders, "There's no hope without you guys, I would have been dead and we wouldn't be standing here today. I love you all."

The feeling was mutual between Sustor and those who saved him.

"We don't get to meet our patients very often. so, to be here and meet him and see he's alive and well. I feel really blessed," Vanessa Batiste, 911 dispatcher, said.