3rd arrest made in case involving chained children in backyard

Deandre Dorch, 36, is charged with 2 counts of injury to child by omission


SAN ANTONIO – A third arrest has been made in the abuse case involving chained children in a backyard in San Antonio.

Deandre Dorch, 36, turned himself in to Sheriff’s deputies just after 11 p.m. Tuesday and was arrested on 2 counts of injury to a child by omission.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office had been seeking Dorch since he spoke to detectives.

The BCSO said Dorch is the father of several of the children found inside the unattended home in the 8100 block of Chipping Drive. 

The BCSO said Dorch and his wife Porucha Phillips were also responsible for caring for the two toddlers who were found in the backyard of the home. One of the children was chained to the ground, and the other was tied to a door with a dog leash.

The two toddlers had been in the custody and control of Dorch and Phillips since February, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office said. Investigators are still working to determine who exactly chained and tied the children up.

Dorch admits he failed to get care for the two children after seeing Reed whip both children with a switch from a tree on multiple occasions between November 2015 and February 2016. He told investigators it wasn’t his place to report the child abuse because he’s not a “snitch” and he’s not “God”.

Medical doctors also confirmed to BCSO investigators there were hundreds of injuries and scars that ranged from fresh injuries to old injuries on the two toddlers that could have taken place over months or years.  

The BCSO said both toddlers tied up are out of the hospital. They and the other six other children found at the home are now under the care of Child Protective Services.

Phillips and Reed also remain in custody at the Bexar County Jail, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office said.

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