Thief targets local gyms, tampers with victim's locker

HOUSTON – The search is on for a man accused of spending thousands in dollars at an electronics store using a stolen credit card, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Kevin Galloway was at the 24-Hour Fitness on Highway 249 near Jones Road when he noticed he had been robbed.

“When I got into my gym bag, my wallet and cellphone were gone,” Galloway said.

Investigators said a man is targeting area gyms. Deputies said the thief breaks in to victims’ lockers by cutting off the locks, steals their wallets and then replaces the lock with an identical one.

According to authorities, a picture taken at a local Best Buy shows the man purchasing $2,000 in merchandise with Galloway’s card.

"When I got back to my locker I noticed it felt different when I spun the front dial on it," Galloway said.

Sgt. L. Peterson said the man is running a sophisticated operation. He’s well-dressed and doesn’t appear suspicious. He knows exactly who to target, she said.

"If he sees someone not paying attention or someone who will be a while, he'll watch them and target that person," Paterson said.

Anyone with information related to these gym thefts is asked to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.