Best margaritas in Houston area


HOUSTON – Cinco de Mayo has become a much bigger celebration in the United States than in Mexico.

Over time, the holiday has become synonymous with drinking. Some people even refer to the holiday as "Cinco de Drinko."

According to NBC News, in the 1980s and 1990s, companies in the alcohol and restaurant industries began promoting Cinco de Mayo as a way to reach Hispanic consumers and sell products like tequila and beer.

And speaking of tequila, we asked the KPRC 2 newsroom staff about the best margaritas in town. We received a lot of responses, but the majority came back with El Tiempo.

KPRC 2 chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley offered his own recipe that he calls "Frankaritas."

  • One small can of frozen limeade in the blender
  • Use limeade can to add one can of vodka and another of Grand Marnier
  • Blend, then add ice to the top and blend again

Share your suggestions so that we can add to our list? Where can we find the best margaritas in town?

  • El Tiempo
  • Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe
  • Tila's
  • Cafe Adobe
  • The Original Ninfa's
  • Chuy's
  • Escalante's
  • Pico's

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As a reminder, please drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive. Read more on drinkinganddriving.org.