FEMA evaluates Montgomery County neighborhoods for flood damage relief

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – It's been more than two weeks since the flood disaster that damaged thousands of Houston homes. And as FEMA sets out to help those living in several counties recover, many are still looking for the government organization's help.

Darce Ahlshlager lives in The Woodlands, where debris has been left to dry out on the streets. She is one of many residents, who have become the host of an unintentional yard sale. Her kids’ beds and dressers, which were set out to dry are now gone.

"We were thinking we could have save some of them," Ahlshlager said. "They get taken, and then I find it two streets over just dumped in a ditch and it's broken now."

Rep. Kevin Brady, county officials and FEMA canvassed some of the hardest hit neighborhoods, looking to see if Montgomery County is eligible for some federal relief.

"I've lost about 75 percent of all of my belongings,” resident Sam Thompson said.

He said the drying process alone cost him $1,000. Thompson said it means the world that FEMA is coming into his neighborhood and taking a look.

"After FEMA is here today, assessing the damage here to our families and communities, I'm absolutely confident, we'll get that declaration," Brady said.

Some residents said it's a declaration long overdue.

FEMA said its assessment will be completed Friday.