Richmond man earns title of longest weather watcher after 51 years with National Weather Service

RICHMOND, Texas – A Richmond man has earned a unique distinction.

“The National Weather Service, they told me, nobody has done it longer,” Irineo Reyes said.

Reyes has been an official weather watcher for the National Weather Service since 1965.

Every morning, outside his barber shop on Riveredge Drive, he measures rainfall with the same equipment the government delivered to his property 51 years ago.

There has been one innovation since then.

“In the 2000s, maybe 2004, they switched to the phones,” Reyes said.

Reyes no longer speaks to a human on the other end of the line when he calls in each morning. A cold, computerized voice now records his measurments via telephone dial pad inputs.

“If there is a problem, or I need something with the equipment, now you can’t talk to them,” Reyes said.

But Reyes, 83, is not complaining.

“It’s my responsibility,” he said.

Reyes carries out his diurnal task in the front yard of his barber shop, which is only two blocks from his home along the Brazos River in Richmond’s Edgewood subdivision.

Reyes was born and grew up right down the road, too.

He never left and he doesn’t plan to leave.

“So are you going to keep doing this forever?” Channel 2 Reporter Joel Eisenbaum asked.

“Andale,” (or "Come on,") Reyes said.