'Meternity' novel causes controversy

Author faces backlash over proposed child-free work break


'Meternity' novel author Meghann Foye has sparked an interesting, some say controversial conversation about a proposed child-free work break.

The recently released novel 'Meternity' is inspired by Foye's own envy of working moms who took time off to care for their newborns. It tells the story of a person who fakes her own pregnancy just for some me-time.

"I think that a maternity leave is a time when you're fully focused on a new human being. I think meternity leave is when it's really just for you. It's a time to take a step back," Foye told the "Today" show.

Foye took a "meternity" leave to kick-start her writing career years ago.

According to americanpregnancy.com, maternity leave refers to the time that a new mother takes off from work after the birth of her baby.

Recently, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to require employers to offer six weeks of full paid leave for new parents.

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