Willis residents survey damage after severe storms

WILLIS, Texas – Wednesday's weather posed concern for some residents in the Willis area.

A lot of residents are still trying to dry out and clean up from last week's storms, and Wednesday morning's rain did not help. Some in the area struggled with power outages.

As the rain subsided high wind and lightning were visible, but there was no significant build-up of rain water.

"The windows just exploded out and we ended up in the hallway."

For Richard and Melissa Tucker, seconds mattered.

"My wife jumped up and jumped into the bathtub with the kids. I went down the hallway and grabbed my son and on the way back we felt the impact of the trees landing on the house," Richard Tucker said.

Splintered trees crashed onto their home Wednesday morning, nearly trapping the family.

Once it seemed safe the family ran to safety next door to Melissa Tucker's mother, Tina.

"Tree went through both electrical pole. There's exposed wires everywhere. Both bedrooms are completely taken out. The house is gone," Melissa Tucker said.

Throughout Willis, the damage is widespread. A chain saw replaced the howl that was the wind on Cochran Road. On West Powell, a tree split a car.

Along South Danville wind ripped the roof off Lagway Bail Bonds, sending it flying nearly a half football field.

There's a lot to clean up and quite a few questions about what next to do.

"Getting what we can, saving what we can. And moving on," Richard Tucker said.