Help for Greenspoint flood victims

HOUSTON – The Greenspoint area in north Houston saw some of the worst flooding last week. Apartments filled waist deep with water, leaving residents to use mattresses to remove their belongings.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and many of those buildings are getting some repairs. Some residents are even getting new furniture thanks to other Houstonians.

Workers are tearing out soaked sheetrock at the Biscayne Apartments in Greenspoint.  More than 1,400 apartments owned by the Villa Serena Communities flooded.

"Just losing everything, especially trying to get your car back up and in shape is difficult. I'm just glad that everyone with donations has been here to help," resident Heaven Gilmore said.

The Red Cross, Harvest Time Church and others have worked to help the residents, even helping to provide furniture. Most ended up soaked and tossed out with the trash.

"They've had a lot of people set up over here with clothes and donations," Gilmore said.

By the end of Tuesday, the owners of the apartment complex hope to have hundreds of the apartments open again, just one week after the floods.  

"This is one of those where there's still stuff in it.  We don't want to hurt the residents' stuff," said Steve Moore, a part-owner of Villa Serena Communities who also lives there.

They have removed all of the sheet rock up to about 4 feet. Once they get permits, they will put it all up again.

"The next thing we gotta do is we got to create a rebirth of this community. This neighborhood was coming back very nicely. With this, we've gotta start all over again," Moore said.