Mayor launches public awareness campaign for National Victims' Rights Week


HOUSTON – The city of Houston launched on Monday a public awareness campaign for National Victims' Rights Week with testimonials from local domestic crime victims.

It is estimated by the Texas Department of Human Services that more than 250,000 women are in domestic violence situations in Harris County alone. 

Harris County has the highest number of domestic violence fatalities in the state-- 23 women killed by their intimate partners in 2014. In 2014, the Houston Police Department tallied some 23,512 reported incidents of domestic violence.  In 2015, AVDA served over 3,500 adult and child survivors of domestic abuse. 

AVDA opened 2,091 legal cases on behalf of domestic violence survivors.  AVDA provided rehabilitative counseling to 1,013 abusers. This campaign's primary method of messaging to the public will include the donation of advertising space on 15 Clear Channel Outdoor neighborhood billboards. 

These billboard messages will create more than 2.2 million market impressions during the month they are displayed.  AVDA and Clear Channel Outdoor have partnered to present these messages in English and Spanish to offer help to those who are being abused and using the national observance to gain attention. 

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) leads communities throughout the nation in the annual observance of National Crime Victims' Rights Week each April by promoting and honoring crime victims. The theme-Serving Victims.  Building Trust.  Restoring Hope. -- is in the design of each billboard design. The art design services were donated by Savage Brands.  These messages emphasize the importance of providing needed services to crime victims.