Austin officer shot, suspect dead at scene

AUSTIN, Texas – An Austin police officer fatally shot a car burglary suspect on Sunday who had shot him in the stomach, authorities said. The officer was in stable condition and was alert and in "good spirits," Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

Acevedo said a security guard at a downtown condominium complex saw the suspect breaking into cars. The security guard then began chasing the suspect and the officer, who was in a patrol car, saw the pursuit and called for backup.

When the suspect and the security guard reached the parking lot of a pizza restaurant, the security guard tackled the man to the ground, Acevedo said. The suspect got up and the security guard tackled the man again, Acevedo said.

The police officer then pulled up in his patrol car and got out to help. Acevedo said the officer and the security guard tried to restrain the man, but he was combative. The officer repeatedly yelled for the man to show his hands, but the suspect would not, Acevedo said. The officer radioed for more help.

Acevedo says the suspect then pulled out his pistol and shot the officer in the lower abdomen, below his vest. The officer shot back, and the suspect was declared dead at the scene.

The name of the officer has not yet been released. Acevedo says the suspect hasn't yet been identified.

The officer, an almost 10-year veteran of the police force, will remain in the hospital Sunday night and is on administrative leave with pay per department policy.