Alleged Sunnyside burglar turned in by his mother

HOUSTON – On Easter Sunday, Michelle Smith and Javier Perez returned to their Sunnyside apartment off Selinsky Road in Southeast Houston after enjoying dinner out with family. They immediately noticed someone had broken in. Rooms were ransacked, cash, jewelry and a large flat screen TV were missing. The couple reviewed their home surveillance system and noticed two men had kicked down the door while they were away.

Channel 2 put their story on the news. Several days later, the couple received a phone call and an unexpected twist in the case.

“I was shocked. It was a shock,” Perez said.

The phone call was from a man, claiming to be one of the alleged burglars.

“He was crying,” said Smith. “He was saying he was sorry, and he was on drugs, and he don’t remember.”

Smith and Perez recorded the conversation.

“Did you see yourself on the news?” Smith asked.

“I seen, like, the clip. My momma showed the clip to me,” the caller said. “Like, I really feel guilty, I'm guilty, like, I seen it. That's me.”

He’s a 21-year-old and his mom saw the story on Channel 2.

“She seen for herself it was her son,” Smith said. “So, she had him call me and apologize.”

Smith said all of the information has been handed over to the police, who are investigating.

At this time, the 21-year-old hasn’t been charged, so his name is not being released.

Smith said he lives in the same apartment complex and is known around the neighborhood.