Daily Craig: No fools here

The Shell Houston Open leads the league in charity contributions over the years and we have applauded them for it. Them would be the Houston Golf Assn. Given the scheduling on the tour it IS TOO OFTEN called The Masters warm up, but it really isn't. There is $7 million dollars at stake.  The Houston stop on the tour has been around 70 years. It hasn't always been the SHELL OPEN. It was once the Independent Insurance Agent Open. We in the media hoped for another sponsor. By the time we spit out the name I was almost out of sport time on Ch. 2. This tourney has also been held at 8 other course in the greater Houston Open before settling in at the current spot since 2003. The course has had 1 name change. It figures to stay the Golf Club of Houston.

In 2005 I drank some beer with JOHN DALY. I guessed he wouldn't be a factor. He was a big factor, losing the title in a playoff with 2 time winner Vijay Signh. I saw Vijay on the driving range and yelled "You da man". I still can't believe I was THAT GUY. My then radio partner, Brad Davies, is still laughing about that one.

But the all time moment came at the WOODLANDS TPC in  1984.  I was standing on the 18th waiting for the final group. Corey Pavin had a one stroke lead over Buddy Gardner. Pavin was going for his first win on the tour. I was moments away from my live cut in on the sports segment when a lady next to me did the unexpected. She took a small dog out of her purse and said  "here, hold her please. I have to kiss my husband when he wins". Corey won, he got the kiss, and on live TV I was left holding the dog. AS I RECALL the 18th was a dog leg left and right.