14-year-old 'football tackles' shoplifter; speaks about heroic take-down

BELLEVUE, Wash. – A 14-year-old is being called a hero by police in Bellevue, Washington.

It was the teen's football background that served him well during a robbery in progress this week.

"Yeah, it was just like a Hollywood movie almost," the teen, Kevin Merz said.

Merz took down a suspected shoplifter as the crook ran from Bellevue Police.

"Yeah, I saw him, you know, running in the store from the outside so I was like 'Okay, there's some crazy guy in here.'"

According to police, the man ws inside the Target Store at Factoria Mall, stealing about $800 worth of merchandise when an officer spotted him.

Police said the suspect put a television inside a shopping cart and tried to walk out of the store with it. 

The officer began to chase the suspect, and the suspect ran into an Old Navy store.

That is when Merz said he sized the guy up, and tackled him.

Police said he would make a great police officer.