Second chances: Homeless man asks for money, but given job at restaurant instead

Cesia Baires learned alot about work ethic at a young age.  Her family, who is from El Salvador, taught her how to cook.

The 25-year-old opened her own restaurant in Minneapolis last year, and when a homeless man came in asking for money, she asked him some important questions.

"Why don't you work? You know that nothing is given to me for free nothing is free in this world," Baires said.

The man, Marcus, told her no one would hire him.  He said he was homeless and had a history of robbery and theft.

Well, Baires decided to take a chance. She told him she had work for him to do, but first, she offered him a sandwich.

He ate half of the sandwich before sharing it with another woman outside.

"He got to me. I was like 'This man has nothing.' That touched me a lot," Baires said.

Marcus worked the full day and the restaurant owner told him to come back the next day.  He did, again and again.

Baires shared the Marcus' story on Facebook and the story went viral.

"I never thought it was going to happen. I did this for for my friends to see the impact they could make in someone's life just by helping them," Baires said.

Baires said she doesn't know why she decided to give Marcus a second chance, but felt it was the right thing to do, if he wanted to earn it.

"You know being out on the streets is not life; not at all. If you have life and you can give that to someone else why not do it?" Baires said.