New bill returns Social Security benefits to government-funded pension holders

Congressman Kevin Brady pushes for House Resolution 711

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HOUSTON – A federal bill may soon put extra money in the pockets of teachers, firefighters and police officers.

Congressman Kevin Brady met Tuesday with members of those professions. Brady is the lead sponsor of House Resolution 711. The bill seeks to restore Social Security benefits to citizens with government-funded pensions.

Lawmakers said the bill may change decades of old tax provisions that prevent people who receive government-funded pensions from also collecting Social Security. Civil servants and teachers, who often have to work a second job to make ends meet, also spoke out in favor of the bill.

"It's not fair that if we've had to work to supplement our income, we're not allowed to have any of that money or at least just a large portion of money. It's just not right," President Fran Plemmons of the Texas Retired Teachers Association said.

Rep. Brady said he is working with the Senate and the White House on the proposal. The bill has received bipartisan support as well as the backing of local police and firefighters unions.

"We've worked for it. We've earned it. And with costs going up, we need it," Plemmons said.

According to Brady's office, public servants who never pay into Social Security would only receive their pension, not additional Social Security

If it passes, the bill will take effect in 2017.