Lyft driver's racist rant caught on camera

A Lyft ride ended early for a Utah resident headed to a Bernie Sanders event in Salt Lake City last week. Samuel Grenny said that's because the eight-minute ride was filled with racist rants by his driver.

It was all captured on Grenny's girlfriend's cellphone camera. In the video, the following conversation is heard:

Driver: "You better watch your mouth!"

Grenny: "Dude, you are the one that seriously ... you told me in a cab that I'm paying for that Muslims are pieces of (expletive)."

Driver: "Muslims are pieces of (expletive)."

Grenny said it all started when their casual conversation turned to politics.

"He asked me opinions on Donald Trump. I guess, in hindsight, no one should do (that) if they don't want to hear the possible slew of answers that could follow," he said.

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