Daily Craig: Giant week for 713, 281, 832, 939


Yep, big doin's in the greater Houston area this week. I suppose you think I mean the Shell Houston Open, The Final Four, Astros back in town, and the Rockets have discounted seats for 2 home games. In fact, if you can shoot a 3 you can play. Of course it's going to be exciting for those wealthy enough to get FINAL QUATRO seats. There will be a free music festival featuring some of the biggest names in MUSIC. I, of course, have none of their recordings on any format. I do like PITBULL. He turned down an offer early in his career to change his name to POODLE. I like a guy who stands pat. Or whatever his real name is.

No,  none of the above is what I am excited about since I have seen all those events in my long long career of staying one blog ahead of the bill collectors. I am excited about the opening of the last segment of THE GRAND PARKWAY or as we call it on the NAUF SIDE,  THE JJ WATT HIGHWAY. It is after all state road 99. When will the SPIRIT OF HOUSTON  appear in spots for TXDOT? I can see it now as ED MURROW once told us. "Take my number to home and work. I only want the best tor my team". He will have an EZTAG t-shirt with a TEXANS LOGO. He will explain how 59 is now closer to 45 without sharing revenue with guys who wear those numbers.

If he is still tied to other deals he has you might see him in a new FORD PICKUP telling us 99 is the new shortcut to H.E.B. He got game.