Three suspects arrested after causing mayhem in Upper Kirby area

HOUSTON – Three different scenes and three suspects under arrest.

But not before terrorizing a community with a robbery, a crash and a shooting at Dan Allison's art gallery.

"I'm just lucky to be here, I mean really," said Dan Allison.

Officers say it all started around 5 p.m., when the trio robbed Doyle's Pharmacy near Kirby and Sunset, making off with cash and prescription drugs.

Shortly after, they crashed their getaway car after a brief chase by police and took off on foot.

"You're really in shock because this is a neighborhood where you occasionally see a cop car, but nothing like this," John Schlesinger, a witness, said.

Then minutes later, and only blocks away, the suspects busted into the art gallery trying to get away.

"I slammed the door shut and the dog was out by then, and they shot through the door. I didn't even know what was going on then they crash through the back door," Allison said.

Police called in the K-9 units, sent up their chopper and quickly had the business surrounded.

Minutes later, the three men were arrested, but not before leaving plenty on edge.

"Anytime you have three males that go inside a business with guns in broad daylight, it a very dangerous situation," Lt. Larry Crowson said.

"You're in the art store business, not convenience store business. You don't think this is going to happen to you," Allison said.

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