Easter bunny caught on video fighting with mall customer


JERSEY CITY, NJ – A brawl between a mall Easter bunny and a customer was caught on video.

The fight was reported Sunday afternoon at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersy City. According to NJ.com, a young girl slipped out of the chair after she took a photo with the Easter bunny. The man playing the bunny told police that the girl's father started verbally and physically attacking him.

The fight was caught on video and shared on Twitter. It does not show what led up to the fight, but you can see a group of people trying to break it up. The video contains some graphic language.

The man who plays the bunny did not have the bunny head on, but he was still wearing the rest of the costume. At one point, the man is seen taking off  his bunny hands and charging at the father.

Twitter user @2jrb123 posted another Pt 2 pic.twitter.com/Gax2z8TPZV

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" target="_blank">video showing more of the fight.


The bunny and the girl's father suffered minor injuries.

A spokesperson for the mall told NJ.com that charges have not been filed because detectives are still trying to determine who initiated the fight.