Daily Craig: How did that happen?

I had picked Northern Iowa to beat Texas and it took a last second half court heave to make my pick look really good. I RESISTED THE URGE to pick the Panthers to upset the AGGIES too. As it turned out I did something I wish I HADN'T DONE.  I have a feeling I wasn't alone. I turned the set to a program I wanted to see at 9pm. Just about the time I should never have changed channels. A&M was down 12 with :44 left. What long time fan wouldn't have thought the game was over. There was no 12 point shot. The SEC, according to one of the pronouncers would be shut out of the SWEET 16.  Not so fast, buddy.

I ADMIT IT. i returned briefly to the game on TRU TV and couldn't believe it was TRUE. The Aggies had tied the game and it was about to go into overtime. Like many others (I am just guessing but perhaps millions did this) I yelled out loud "How did that happen?"

This game belonged to the guys from Cedar Falls. The game had a power failure in the first half and we had to watch Ernie, Clark, Kenny, and Chuckster tap dance until the power came back. The Aggies had a power failure for over 39 minutes and still are packing to go to Anaheim. That area is home to Disney but Goofy was on the UNI Bench. A team so disciplined had lost a 12 point lead with :44 left in regulation and then lost the game in the 10 extra minutes. If anyone asks me if I stuck with the game all the way I have to admit. "Sure, I watched every second."